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"All you need to DUMP Spam Junk is HERE !"
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Your BEST site on the net for award winning anti spam software and free antispam software. Now you have a CHOICE. SPAM is junk mail - BUT can hide a dangerous computer virus. Stop phishing & identity theft - create a SPAM Firewall now!

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Volunteer Antispam Group Faces Closure
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Antispam Market Benefits From Spam
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So, you've bought a new PC, and you want to protect it, huh? We've "highlighted", in green, our personal "freebie" software choices below. TWO of THREE are the minimum we feel anyone using e-mail on a PC should have. They're TOP RATED!
** FREE is GOOD...    ... but it may NOT be Enough **

 If you use e-mail, two of the three below may be ALL you need. But, if you e-mail frequently, or are a business, these freebies really aren't enough. As good as they are, you need MORE. We urge you to pick one "biggie," to complement, or replace, a "freebie." After all, isn't that the smart thing to do?

tip/gif = Award Winner!
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SPAMfighter Standard Freewinlogo.gif
A FREE plug-in for Outlook and Outlook Express that will automatically and efficiently block spam.
Free Outlook Spam Filter   winlogo.gif   
Anti-spam add-on for Outlook 2000-2007. Self-trainable, Bayesian algorithm. Supports POP3, IMAP, & Exchange.
Norton AntiSpamwinlogo.gif $39.95
Spam-blocker. Blocks foreign-language e-mail. Integrates into e-mail client. Scans yahoo mail in-boxes. Ad blocker.
SpamBrave Lite For Outlook Expresswinlogo.gif
A simple, yet elegant solution to carefully clean out spam messages. FREE for private, non-commercial use.
Qurb   winlogo.gif    $29.99
Easy to use and most effective anti-spam solution. Won PC Magazine Editors' Choice spam software award.
Spam Agent Home   winlogo.gif $29.95
The perfect solution for filtering spam. A default list of over 1200 filters stops spam and you can add your own at will.
POPFile Free    winlogo.gif
A FREE automatic mail classification tool. Once set up and trained, it will scan all e-mail as it arrives and classify it!
MailWasher Freewinlogo.gif
A FREE and easy way to check & manage e-mail BEFORE you download it.
Spam Agent Corporate   winlogo.gif    $39.95
The SAME award winning features as Spam Agent Home, BUT with the extra features needed by Corporate Users
K9 Freewinlogo.gif
It fills the gap in the Windows FREE statistics based spam e-mail filtering software market.

 = FREEware,  = SHAREware,  = COMMercial

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