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An Introduction to the 3D Virtual World of "SECOND LIFE"
Visit with ME in SL  !! Location: Vitrae (221, 62, 21)

Thursday, June 17 2010, @ 5:06 PM (-0700 GMT)

Hi, it's ME, your WebMistress, Linda Latte, (actually my avatar), here in the wondrous virtual world of "Second Life."


NOTE: If, after visiting, you would like to JOIN in the FUN, create your OWN avatar, and HAVE a "Second Life," be aware that inexpensive voice changing software is available to let you SPEAK in whatever VOICE you choose. You can sound like a MAN, or a WOMAN, even a "CRITTER," and also generate all kinds of great "sound effects."  It's named MorphVOX Pro. You can use this SAME software with your internet telephone service, like SKYPE and others! Amaze your friends, and baffle telemarketers!  Find out more
MorphVOX Pro here.  If you would like to join a group of over 1600 girls, (no men allowed), for fun and adventure, look here:

Come there and find me by searching on my name, Linda Latte, OK?  We can "do" lunch on the SS Titanic; it's in port at Southampton in April, 1912 (before it sunk!). Yes, you CAN do that there!

You would not BELIEVE all you can do here! This is truly the most AMAZING place in ALL of the metaverse!

If you're thinking "Yea, sure! A crazy GAME," then look at this link about job shopping.  :)
Here is another:
Members of Congress get a look at Second Life and are mystified, fascinated.

Scroll down for MORE and a SECOND photo!     StumbleUpon Linda Latte's StumbleUpon Page

My avatar in this wonderful world!

You can be anyone you want, any age, look/dress as you please, FLY, and/or teleport anywhere in this virtual world!

Excitement abounds. Visit wonderful places all around the world, even visit the Titanic, and, like in the movie named "Titanic," and FLY, like in the movie, while standing on the bow!

Hi, it's ME, your WebMistress, actually my avatar.

Join me there. I live on Fantasy Land 6 in SL, on a private corner island, and my "in-world" name is Linda Latte. Visit the Second Life virtual world web site and JOIN the FUN!  If you DO sign-up, I get a $! bonus and will give you a HUGG when you visit me at my home,
O.K.?  Sorry, only ONE hugg to a customer. Hahahahahahahha.

I'm JAZZED. I just went shopping here and bought a new purse. It's pink; do you see it?

Here I am again in my "Party Outfit"  <giggle> in "SL," (Second Life).

Hi, it's ME, your WebMistress, actually my avatar.

C'ya, "in-world" soon, huh?

Linda Latte  (herself here)

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